Published on 02/07/2019 11:26 pm
Using Roofing Services To Decorate Home Using High-Quality Roofing

Before you start on your next DIY plastering project to decorate your home, you need to pay attention to the roof repair materials such as the ones found at underneath your shingles. You do not need the plastering work to get spoiled due to one or the other leaking problem that stems from inferior quality materials.

Rotting wood and mold tend to be among the most common culprits that lead to water seeping through to the interiors of your home.

One of the hardest things to do is tracking down the root cause of your roof leak repair from The repair work is often less complicated and can be done with ease.

The bottom line is that small leaks should not be ignored and would result in more significant issues like a rotted roof frame, mold, damaged ceilings, destroyed insulation, or rotted sheathing.

The only way you can successfully do your plastering project is to ensure there are no leaking problems.

Once you have this sorted, you can perform your long-awaited plastering work.

Excellent DIY Plastering Tips

Plastering is seen by many as an art form and even experienced DIY enthusiasts will think twice before attempting to do a plastering job without the help of an expert.

Plastering can be a tricky business, and if you do not do it right, your walls will soon be lying on the floor. Thus, you need to make sure you know what you are doing before you start doing your own DIY plastering job.

Take a look at these great tips that will ensure that you do a great DIY plastering job.

Properly Prepare Your Surface

The first step to succeeding in your DIY plastering job by is to make sure that your wall surface is clean and dust free. Plaster will not stick to damp, dusty, wallpapered or unstable surfaces.

Before you start plastering you will need to remove any existing plaster, dust or paper as much as possible; otherwise, the plaster will not stick. After all the dust is removed, you will have to prime your walls with a mixture of PVA glue and water.

The PVA primer will reduce the absorption or thirst of the wall. If your walls are left untreated, they might suck all of the moisture out of the plaster before it has had time to set correctly. This will weaken the strength of the plaster, and before long your walls might end up lying on the floor.

Secondly, a PVA mixture most e applied directly to a wall before applying plaster, as the PVA mixture helps to set and bond the plaster to the wall. Plaster needs to be applied to the walls when the mixture is a little bit sticky, but not too wet. You can use your hand to test the walls if the wall feels wet, then you have to wait a little bit longer until it feels sticky to the touch.

Get Your Plaster Mix Right

The next step in plastering is to get your mixture just right. Firstly, you always have to add the plaster to the water and not the other way around. Add a little bit at a time while continually stirring to get a smooth and lump-free consistency. The plaster should sit on the trowel without sliding off when it is held level.

The best trick to ensure that you get the right consistency for your plaster is t stand a stick in the middle of the bucket. If the stick can stand upright by itself in the bucket, then your mixture is ready.

Great Plastering Is All About Cleanliness

Plastering is all about time, and when you use buckets that have old pieces of plaster or dirt in them, it might let your plaster set too quickly or spoil it completely. Even tiny bits of dirt or dried plaster will cause you to have an uneven wall surface, which will cost you at a lot of time and money to fix, so instead make sure you clean as you go and always use tools that have been properly cleaned.

Another great tip to do with finding a leak in your roof area is to access the attic using a flashlight to look for black marks, water stains, or mold. If you have a vaulted ceiling, then the next best thing you will have to do is go on the roof and examine the area this way. Call a good roofing contractor today and visit

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